Twisting vs banding damp hair

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wondering what your opinions are on this. For those that stretch hair after washing, which method do you think causes less damage? I twist mine, but I'm wondering if this might be causing me more mechanical damage. Thoughts?


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    I twist because banding takes a lot more time for me. In my opinion I would think that banding would cause "more" damage because the bands could snag onto your hair, possibly dry it out, etc.
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    I 'band' before (since I often pre-poo and detangle before, and like to keep it sectioned and stretched while washing) and band after shampooing. The before banding is loose so I can get to my scalp when I shampoo, but it means the hairbands I use (ouchless) get wet in the shower too so hopefully don't dry my hair out. This is when I'm wearing a stretched fro.

    If I'm styling in twists, I won't band properly after shampooing, just keep the semi-stretched sections and I'll twist my hair up while it's still quite damp.

    If I'm wearing a wash and go, I'll take the pre-wash bands out while conditioning and leave them out.

    I band because my hair is too thick to stay in twists at this length. I know twists keep tangles away better and dry quicker, so sometimes I will twist and then band the twist with one band just to keep the twist in. Otherwise I'd have to do about 12 twists to make them small enough to stay in, which is too much effort just to stretch.
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    ^^I'm gonna try washing in bands next time. I hate my shrinkage most of the time and banding is my 4B hair's BFF..I use it to air dry/stretch it out and to maintain my braid outs. My hairis too thick for large twists..And like what you said, doing 8+ twists and unraveling them is too much work.

    Since my hair is long enough, I always band my hair in just 4 sections anyway. I also have satin ouchless hairbands too lol..
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