Moving to an arid climate...need new products.

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Hi All,
I live in Michigan and am pretty happy with the products I currently use.

Sally's Biotterra Conditioner
A dollop of FOTE
Sally's Biotterra Styling Gel over it

Based on what is available at present, it works well. After I decrunch in the morning, it is shiny, holds it's curl well and hardly frizzes even in high humidity. Plus it's that!

I am moving to Eastern Montana where it is considerably dryer. I've tried this same regimen there and my hair is unhappy. It's stringy, dull, and doesn't curl well. I had my boyfriend change the shower head to a softer more rainwater type one which has helped a bit. I'm wondering if I need new products too.

I tried a Redken Curl Creme suggested by my hairstylist but it made me fuzzy.

Any recs for dry climate products for 3As?

Type...actually not sure. It looks 3A/2BC but it has some very straight fine hair with some very kinky curly coarse hair and ends up looking 3A...

CG since October 2002
Currently using Bioterra Recondition or LPVNG
Just made some homeade FSG and LOVE it!

Have used Jessicurl, Deva products but am on a mission to care for my hair in a budget friendly way!

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