Camile Rose Komaza Donna Marie Etc

seamonsterseamonster Registered Users Posts: 81
Hi This is the second part of my moving sale, still have too many products to pack. Shipping is additional

Camile Rose ( all products are new)
Algae Deep Conditioning Mask $14 sold
Almond Jai Twisting Butter $13
Curl Love $11 sold
Hair Growth Serum $12 sold

Donna Marie
SuperLatherlicios 99% $8
Miracle Detangler 90% $8 sold
Super Buttercreme 50% $4 sold

Komaza Care
Moku Hair Butter 75% $7
Olive Moisture Mask (new) $12 sold
Shea Butter Hair Lotion 80 % $7

As I AM Coconut Cowash $5 sold
Hydratherma Naturals follicle mist (new) 8 oz $15 sold
Body Shop Hemp Butter (new) $12
Ginger Shampoo (new) 13.5 oz $10
Jane Carter Natural Hold Spray Gel 95% $7
Mozeke Grape Seed Detangler (new) $10
SheScentit Fortifying Mask 90% 18

I will trade, but only for the following
Uncle Funky's Daughter (I want the whole line)
BASK Products
Carol's Daugther Chocolate Blow Dry Cream
Pumpkin Seed Oil
Watermelon seed Oil
Tamanu Oil
Argon Oil
Grapefruit seed oils
Hydrolized Keratin
hyaluronic acid

I am starting mix my own products, so I need an raw materials, emulsifiers, and natural preservatives for that.

Will also swap hair tools, sue mastas hoods, hair socks, bonnets, or pretty clips, sticks, etc


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    Sent you a pm

    ...tell PETA my mink is dragging on the floor...
    vIa tHiS rAgEdY aSs pHoNe
    **sophisticated ignorance, I type my cuss words in cursive**

    Current Rotation (always changing): Curl Junkie Curl Rehab as my Leave-In, Blended Beauty Happy Nappy Styles, Entwine Argan Oil, Bobeam Shampoo Bars, QB CTDG and QB AHTB, UFD Curly Magic, B.A.S.K Anything.
  • KinkyRNKinkyRN Registered Users Posts: 250
    Just pm'ed you.

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  • DTurner32DTurner32 Registered Users Posts: 113
    Interested in the dm superbuttercreme and as I am co much is 30116

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  • KinkyRNKinkyRN Registered Users Posts: 250
    Are you still interested in the swap?
  • KinkyChicKinkyChic Registered Users Posts: 58
    Interested in the Camille Rose Almond Jai Butter and the Komaza Products and the As I AM. Have some UFD products that I will negotiate with you.
  • seamonsterseamonster Registered Users Posts: 81
    I still have some good stuff available, open to trade or sale

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