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steffaniesteffanie Posts: 1Registered Users
Hi! So I have very fine, blonde, type 2A/2B hair and I have no idea what products to use on it. Up until now I have kind of been in denial that my hair is wavy and I have straightened it every day, but I'd like to start keeping it wavy. Usually I use Herbal Essences Drama Clean shampoo, Pantene's volumizing conditioner, and maybe some argan oil if I think my hair needs it. But as far as mousse, root boosting spray, or any of that goes I'm clueless! What do you use to make your hair more wavy? Thanks! :)


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    My hair is fine and blonde as well and my hair tends to get weighed down. I have to use Aussie instant freeze gel. It has a lot of hold and works well for my hair. I don't use mousse because it make my hair look really stringy. Hope this helps!:)