Over-Shampooing/Conditioning HELP!

Due to my daily exercise routine, I have gotten into the bad habit of conditioning my 4b hair daily (I use redken real control intense renewal or redken all soft), and I shampoo/condition a couple times a week because I don't use all natural products but I hate product build up, especially when mixed with sweat. Now, my hair is feeling dry, eventhough I moisturize frequently and sometimes do the baggy method overnight. Are there any styles or methods I could adopt while working out so that I won't feel the need to clean and condition my hair daily. Any advice would help.

I must have 4D hair!


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    It is possible to over condition. have you tried maybe just doing a water wash or a milder, not so heavy conditioner?
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    Do you follow a CG routine? Many of us find that our scalps over-produce oil from harsh sulfates and cleansers, and when those are eliminated, our scalps become much more balanced and need to be cleansed less frequently. Conditioner washing (CG method) is also a great option if you need to cleanse your scalp daily but want to use something very gentle on your curls.

    The shampoo-free forum and several threads around here go into detail about the CG method and how to adapt it to best suit your needs.

    Good luck!
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