Too much fluff!

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I'm not sure which thread to post this in but I think this one will be ok seen as probably most of you have used these products before, I use umberto giannini curl friends scrunching jelly(sp?) and boots curl creme I use the boots curl creme ontop of the umberto gian.... upside down I then have to twist my hair upright particulary at the back (near the very top of my head) as its very short and frizzy. Then I diffuse it but it get too much fluff with it and not enough shine what could I be doing wrong? :? Oh and I'm a 3B with a 3c back bit lol
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    I would try putting the Boots curl creme in first and then the scrunching jelly on top of that. Do you put your products in soaking wet hair? If not, you may want to try that. Also, have you ever considered trying a leave-in conditioner after you wash your hair? Giovanni direct leave-in is a good one and you can get it on Ebay UK right now.
    2C-3A??? Currently using Curly Q Milkshake, 3-minute Aussie Miracle, using non-sulphate shampoos, MopTop Pomade, Boots curl creme, always looking for that next miracle product for my hair! My PJ is never satisfied.
  • -curly-claire--curly-claire- Registered Users Posts: 127
    Yep I do put them on soaking wet hair I will try that method about putting the jelly on second Thanks
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