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Henna over salon colored hair

quail925quail925 Posts: 6Registered Users
I'm a real henna virgin here and this may have been covered before however I have a couple questions. (1) Can I do henna over hair processed with permanent color? My hair is currently an auburn shade. (2) My natural hair color at this point WAS a medium brown but is now more than 50% so I wonder how henna will do over that and (3) Am I better off trying to do this at home or finding a salon that does henna treatments? I don't recall ever seeing henna as being listed as something most salons do however. I have extremely thick botticelli curls and am currently using the DevaCurl three step program for cleansing and conditioning.


  • clarissafrnclarissafrn Posts: 10Registered Users
    I'm kinda a henna virgin too, but I've done my research.
    1) It's safe to henna over previously dyed hair.
    2) I'm not sure of the color effect it would have on your hair. But then again, no one would be able to exactly predict. What you should do (and what I'm going to do) is test it. Collect some hair from your brush or comb and mix up some henna. Smear the henna in the hair you collected and see how you like it. I forgot how long to leave it in, but I'll give you a link at the end of this reply. I've heard that henna takes about 10 days to actually settle (not sure how to word it) so w/e collor you get right away won't be the end result.
    2) I personally don't trust myself with henna for the first day xD For me, I might be able to ask my grandma since she's used henna before. But, if you want, you can go to your salon and ask them if they would be able to use henna. Just be sure to make it at home before the day you go to the salon.

    Here's the link I go to for Henna info: Henna for Hair
    Check out the free ebook, check out some youtube videos. Go to the techniques page on the link I gave you too. It shows you how to text your hair, how to mix, and the step by step on how to use henna.
    From 1 henna virgin to another, hope this helps :)
  • quail925quail925 Posts: 6Registered Users
    Thanks for your reply. I'm really trying to NOT do things that damage these curls so I keep thinking henna is the way to go instead of permanent color. I have an appt to get color done today and I'm rethinking it. I'm really not liking how my hair feels afterwards.
  • SusieSuzeSusieSuze Posts: 524Registered Users
    I have 50% grey and get beautiful results with henna, which I did originally over professional colour.

    The main thing is you need to ensure it 100% pure henna.. not a compound henna that could have added metallic salt dyes which WILL react with your previous colour.

    Your greys will look amazingly bright at first (like an orange lollipop in the sun!) and within 2-3 days will oxidize to a gorgeous red shade.. My avatar is accurate, but keep in mind my natural colour is a very light reddish brown.. If your natural color is darker, you will have darker results with awesome bright highlights and beautiful dimension as your hair grows out.

    Depending on your hair type you may find yourself with much looser curl as you continue to henna on a regular basis. I went from 3b to 2b. Though losing so much curl seems tragic, I have 'Mermaid Hair' now and actually love it. It's gotten so much longer and is so shiny. The compliments are fun, too.

    If you choose to go ahead, i can recommend buying from Indian grocery stores. I bought a one kilo bag of Rajasthani Henna for $10 at one recently and I mix up the whole thing, let the pigment release, then bagged it into 4 applications and froze it. (I have long hair and need 250 grams per application). So that's $2.50 per application! Just make sure what you buy is 'body art quality'. They often have pictures of decorated hands on them and the word 'Mehandi' on the package.

    Or you can buy it online for $7 per 100 grams or $55 per kilo.. plus shipping.

    Do your research.. it is so worth it. I think of all the money I wasted and all the damage, and all the pollution I created.. and chemicals I put on my body.. It makes me sick!
  • naturallycreolenaturallycreole Posts: 112Registered Users
    Quail, hennaforhair has many examples of hair colors and what the henna treatment color results are. Keep in mind, your current color, the type henna (Moroccan, Rahasthani, Yemini, etc), and what you add to your mix (teas, coffee, hibiscus, cocoa powder, etc.) will determine the color results.

    I recommend harvesting hair from your brush and test prior to actually doing henna on yourself. Do your research and buy BAQ from
    reliable, safe source.

    Will you look back on life and say I wish I had or I'm glad I did. -Sent from my iPod touch using CurlTalk-
  • AdamRobertsAdamRoberts Posts: 1Registered Users
    I always prefer henna over hair color. As hair colors usually damages your hair texture, whereas henna gives silky and shiny hair.

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