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Does everyone remember having cute long curls when their younger feeling confident and then you go to school and they tell you (they as in the other kids) That your hair is ugly and nappy and what not?

Well thats what i got. Growing up i had very long soft wavy curls and one day my mom started perming my hair and i was that im 20 im wanting to go back natrual to the way my hair was supposed to be and a place to start is what im searching for. Is there someone that can give me a few pointers to tame my hair from perms and back to the natrual way that it was entended to be in??? Thanks in advance for the help. Cant wait to start my transition!!!:iconbiggrin::iconbiggrin::iconbiggrin:


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    They're not my favorite thing to do with my hair right now, and I'm looking for an alternative, but, braid-outs and twist-outs are definately good for transitioning.
    One thing you have to remember is that the second you decide to transition, it's best to treat your hair as if it's already natural. That means wrapping it at night, doing low manipulation styles that will give your relaxed ends more texture (rather than straightening your new growth to match your ends, which could lead to excessive heat damage), etc.
    There are also many great resources on the internet, hair blogs being some of my favorites. Look into popular Natural Youtubers as well (Ninapruitt, BlackOnyx77, Naptural85, 160Days2Lose2, etc.) for inspiration and help.

    And, finally, congrats on your decision. :) I'm not too far into my own transition, but, these were the tips that were given to me and they did me a world of good..

    Good Luck! :D
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    I'm not sure if what I will say will be 100% helpful but I can share my experience.

    When I transitioned a long time ago I didn't know terminology or anything but I did things that would keep my hands out of my hair. I stopped relaxing immediately and just braided it and kept it oiled and such. Then I BC'ed after 6 months. I think anything that will help with low manipulation and a healthy scalp will help you in your transition!

    Congrats on the decision!
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    Hello Tanni, be natural is the best decision, you'll be free, this is a great place for help, you'll find several tips and threads about transitioning.

    Don't be afraid and do it, be patient, try products and you are going to fall in love with your hair.

    Check this link
    [thread=77188]Click Me![/thread]
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