Prom hairstyles that I can do myself?

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Tomorrow I have senior prom & I'm really not sure what I should do with my hair. One idea that I have thought about is using 1.25 inch velcro curlers in my hair. I wonder how the naturally curlies use curlers or if they have any ideas for prom hairstyles leaving it curly!
Also, I don't have a diffuser & I think it's too late for me to get one for tomorrow! I have at my disposal: a flat iron, Velcro curlers, Bobbi pins, Pantene curly hair gel, John Freida serum, leave in conditioner, smoothing milk, and some mousse.
I also thought about sweeping all my hair to one side and placing a flower clip in my hair.
Tell me what you think! Thanks guys!


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    It all depends on what kind of look you want - up and more classically formal? Looser and more romantic? I don't use curlers, so I can't speak to that. I sometimes will use spin pins to put my hair in a messy bun, then small jeweled combs to secure stray curls. I saw a post on here once where someone used pieces of hair from underneath to pull back sections and then secured with cute clips (wish I could find that picture). I also like the idea of sweeping to the side. Maybe try googling curly updos and see what comes up.

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