Texturizers versus keratin treatments

zalimzalim Posts: 52Registered Users
I am posting my question here because I think it got buried in the other thread....

Just wondering why the women here who want to loosen their curl pattern don't opt for a traditional texturizer/relaxer over a keratin treatment since texturizers have been around for 50 years and used much more widely.

Is there a difference in the result?


  • BlackAngelPlayahBlackAngelPlayah Posts: 1,419Registered Users
    In my opinion they are the same. Both damaging and all.

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  • CupcakeCupcake Posts: 68Registered Users
    I disagree. The cystine based treatments are temporary and don't break the bonds in your hair like traditional sodium/calcium/lithium/ hydroxide relaxers.

    Keratin treatments can contain formeldahyde and product similar results as texturizers without nearly as much damage.