Straightening short hair

CurlyQueen88CurlyQueen88 Registered Users Posts: 88
Hi, has anyone had any success straightening really short hair with straighteners/flat irons? Has anyone successfully straightened hair that's only an inch or so long? Or would this just result in minor scalp and/or hand burns?! I was thinking mini straighteners might do it? (This is not something I plan on doing too often as don't want heat damage etc.) Advice would be great, thanks.


  • LauraWolfhartLauraWolfhart Registered Users Posts: 57
    Really short hair should use slim plates. There are some that are about 3/4 of an inch so they're great for short hair. As a tip, choose ceramic or tourmaline plates (or both!) . Titanium would get way to hot and to have so much heat near your scalp would just be a bad idea. You could even check out some men's hair straighteners, those are designed for super short hair.

    Some brands give you a glove but you can always buy one separately.
  • CurlyQueen88CurlyQueen88 Registered Users Posts: 88
    Thanks, LauraWolfhart. I'm pretty sure this is possible now... all that remains is to go ahead with the style I have in mind. Uh oh.

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