Summer and Winter MUST DOOO'S

I'm starting this new routine where as I only straighten my hair in the winter and in the summer time I rock the curly way. It's really hard to not straighten it. But I'm only 17 and wish I had a job to pay for all these hair care But my hair is thanking me. Using this routine PREVENTS BREAKAGE, HEAT DAMAGE AND UNHAPPINESS! lol. I use the shea butter conditioning cream and its awesome for bantu knots and things of that nature. I also have the morrocco argan oil moisturizer.(Just started using those. I used to use the Miracle Olive Oil) It keeps my scalp non-flaky and having no dandriff is a must with curly. Who wants snow in their hair in the summer? Not I. And I bought the olive oil eco styler gel just so I can gel down my edges when needed. Whats your summer and winter ROUTINE????