Are all eco gels the same??

mcherycemcheryce Posts: 363Registered Users
I have the eco styler with argan oil but the oil is so far down the list that I doubt it even matters. Are they all basically the same?? Anyone tried all or several and noticed a difference. The price is great so I'd like to keep using it but the argan oil causes the little white balls with most of my leave ins. Should I try another kind or just move on??


  • empressriempressri Posts: 4,812Registered Users
    Try different leave ins, here's a small list of what works for me

    What to use with Ecostyler - YouTube
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  • mcherycemcheryce Posts: 363Registered Users
    That would be a lot of leave ins to toss. I was hoping to switch up the gel instead. But that video is in my faves now so I can watch again and take notes. :-)
  • kinkycurlyDTkinkycurlyDT Posts: 380Registered Users
    I've tried the Eco pink, clear and olive oil. They all have different holds. I prefer the Eco pink with a hold of 7. Gives me just the right hold for my hair.

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