Questions about dying my hair?

Ozzie1985Ozzie1985 Posts: 17Registered Users
I really want to color my hair. I have an get it colored at my salon on the 27th, however, I would really love to try to do it myself by getting the supplies at Sally's. My hair color is a ashy, neutral dark blonde/very light brown. I want to just enhance my color to a light to medium ash blonde with some highlights to make my curls stand out and give them dimension. What developer would I need? I was thinking maybe 20? And since I want to stay in the neutral range, would I also need a toner? If so, what would you recommend?


  • HateRelationshipHateRelationship Posts: 100Registered Users
    I'm a dye virgin, so I don't know a lot about dying. But unless money is very tight, I would suggest going to a professional. Especially if you want highlights and to lighten your hair overall.
    I'm growing my hair from chin length to mid-thigh length!