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What are good hair products ?

*M!x*Ch!ck**M!x*Ch!ck* Posts: 154Registered Users
Hey ladyss
I woud love !! If someone help with this Iam not sure what are products that's good for the summer time for fine thin high porosity 3c/3b

What Iam asking for
Leave in
Low poo
Anything under 20$

Iam mixed with black white native amercian my hair type more on the white people hair type ( not trying to be racest) lol

If you can keep thanxx


  • crimsonshedemoncrimsonshedemon Posts: 2,098Registered Users
    I'm white with dirty blond hair that I dye red.

    Lightweight products worked best for me when my hair was really thin. I only buy these products on sale so that brings the prices down considerably.

    I love Coco Creme Leave-In Conditioner as a leave in

    Miracurl Curling Gelly

    oil- have you tried jojoba or grapeseed?

    low poo- Super Latherlicious Moisturizing Shampoo 8oz

    Even tho my hair has regrown, I still use these products. They are my favorite. Sometimes I need something firmer over the Miracurl curlying gelly and I'll use whatever I have on hand. just a small amount.
  • LauraWolfhartLauraWolfhart Posts: 57Registered Users
    I love Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment. It comes with shampoo + conditioner + hair mask + argan oil. My curls have improved a lot since I started with them :) Problem is that they're not under $20 but hey, you get what you pay for.
  • *M!x*Ch!ck**M!x*Ch!ck* Posts: 154Registered Users
    I can't buy anything online :(
    Um no haven't tired jojoba yet I was thinking grapeseed or almond oil idk it's summer I sweat easy dnt want it to break my face out ://

    & my mom not gonna wanna buy 20$ products :((

    Here is Wat I post in a other thread
    Hope it helps

    Can someone help pls
    Hey ladies
    I have a few questions
    Let's start off bout my hair
    High porosity , transitioning from heat damaged so from that I hav med to low Low elasticity 3c(front) 3b bottom back of
    My head , Fine thin hair

    What's low poo can I use so that I can wash my hair at the end of the week?
    BUT I need to start dc but how do I remove the dc with out shampooing?
    Whats a good light leave in I was thinking giovanni direct leave in ?
    Wat is a good light weight oil to loc ?

    If anyone can answer this would help soooo much

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