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I hve felt really weak lately.
I don't know if it is from not working out as much lately. But it is starting to affect my eating. I don't even want to eat anymore, and when I do, I throw it up! We thought it was a virus. But it has lasted too long for tht! Help! Wht do I do?

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    Any other symptoms
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    I know you're gonna hate hearing this as it is the obvious answer, but you really need to see a doctor. At the very least, your muscle mass and necessary stores of fat will be depleted, and it could become worse. More than a couple of months without eating is very dangerous. Pop a multivitamin if you can...I've never heard of anything like that before...
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  • hollagurl111hollagurl111 Posts: 27Registered Users
    Thanks, and yes their are some more symptoms. I have been having mood swings. And haave felt kinda dizzy

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