I said I wouldn't do it....but...

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I've got an appointment tomorrow to cut my hair off. The dyed part is just too damaged and I think I need a change. I'm gonna go from bra stap length (when wet) to just at my shoulders and layered. I ran across a picture from a few years ago and while I hated it at the time, I must admit it doesn't look half bad. So, I'm gonna do it. It should remove a pretty good portion of my dyed hair so while I like the picture I'm not sure how it will look since it was dyed at the time and now I'll be sporting the gray. I'm gonna give it a shot though and see what happens. It's gonna be close to eight inches that I'll be cutting off. Wish me luck!:eek:
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    Hey Tinah you do what you gotta do to make your hair life work for you! :blob3:

    I'm growing out a real short layered cut. I still have issues with my top and front--they seem to be straight! While the back layers are AWESOME! Can't tell at this point 2? or 3? but I'm really happy with how the back looks!

    Luckily the cut I had 3 months ago is wonderful for growing out the back layers.

    Hang in there!
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    Best of luck and hope that cut is good! It will speed up your transition to all-natural hair for sure, and you might love it! Likely easier care too. Pic please after you get your hair cut. We'll be kind;)
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    shoulder length is a livable length, not short, really middle. as the others said, it will be easier to care for and you will be working with less different textures. it should look great. i think it will be easier to grow the grey in once it is mostly there.
    of course, pictures please!! :-)

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    Forgot to add to my other reply that by cutting this much hair off, you'll save yourself a year of two-tone hair. There are lots of mid-length, or a little bit shorter that will work great on your hair. Do you trust you cutter? That makes a huge difference!:)
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    Good luck! It's bound to look great, you have lovely curls to be working with and I'm sure you'll feel better getting rid of the colour/damage - it's obviously bugging you.
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    Ok here it is straight. The day I got it cut I was so apprehensive about cutting it all off and my hairdresser was so excited that we both totally forgot and she used sulfate shampoo and silicone conditioner. I never let her style my hair, I always walk out with it wet. So since she had already used non-CG stuff, I told her to go ahead and straighten it and let's see what it looks like. So this is it. It's very straight. But you can really see the gray!! I'll like it a lot more when it grows out just a little bit. I'm still trying to get used to it curly. I like it a little better now that it's been a couple weeks and I'm getting more used to it but not enough to take a picture! LOL!! I'll try and get a curly picture up soon. But for now, here it is, all cut off, which took out all but the very last bit of color. I really like it straight right now cause it shows off the gray so much! What do you think? Good? Bad? All opinions welcome!
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    Tinah - I think your hair looks great! Cutting off the damaged and totally-different colored hair was a good call, IMO. Can't wait to see it when you style it!
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    Totally agree with 2poodles, it looks great and I think you did the right thing. The grey looks good.
    3b in South Australia.
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    I love it! To be honest, I like the straight look in your picture, too. Of course, I don't know what the curls will look like, but this look is a winner.
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    Looks great and you are so cute! Can't wait to see a curly pic also.
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    Good move - please post curly pic pretty please! Now, it won't take all that long for the grey to grow out.
    Only thing I would change is the bangs - they're a bit too long but maybe that's because they're all straightened out. But maybe they'll curl up nicely when you let it go natural. A lot of cutters do tend to cut bangs a bit long however, and I'm always having to have my cutter cut another quarter-inch or so off them - it makes a big difference! Personally, I like to see my eyebrows - then bangs frame my eyes nicely.
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    Looks great on you. The bang length seems to be the current style. Many ladies are wearing them swept to the side. Pretty!
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    I don't know what you looked like before the haircut but I can't wait to see it curly!!! I am almost 8 months since last color and been cutting off the dye here and there... My hair WAS about bsl when I quit coloring...

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