Best Curling cream/butter for 4b/4c

JadeyWadeyJadeyWadey Posts: 3Registered Users
I have used Kinky-curly custard but after awhile my hair just kinda poofs up. My hair is soft and wispy and I'm getting annoyed with these frizzy twist outs and braid outs so i just comb them out into Afros.


  • KinkyRNKinkyRN Posts: 250Registered Users
    Have you tried shea moisture. What about making your own curl custard? I made my own and loved it!

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  • RimiRimi Posts: 2,001Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I'd say your hair is 3c/4a, maybe the KCCC is too heavy? What do you use under it, if anything?
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  • MissKrisMissKris Posts: 288Registered Users
    Miss Jessie's Curly Buttercreme worked so well that I never bothered trying anything else...

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  • KinkyRNKinkyRN Posts: 250Registered Users
    Add silicone just replace the oils in your regular process with it.

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  • lolas4bkinkylolas4bkinky Posts: 44Registered Users
    You should use something under the KCCC, like a light oil or cream.

    I also agree with one I the above posters in that your hair looks more like 4a
  • JadeyWadeyJadeyWadey Posts: 3Registered Users
    well when i straightening it its so thin it just bugs me...
  • rmc2rmc2 Posts: 349Registered Users
    I have been successful with Target's Curls Curl Creme Brûlée. I have 4a hair, a bit similar to yours but maybe thicker. Trick is is to put product on soaking wry hair ( I invested in a mirror for my shower wall). Use your fingers to rake through hair (no combs or brushes) and maybe put about 1 to 2 tbsp worth of
    Product. Shake your hair to loosen curls and let air dry. Do NOT touch hair. Try it and let me know.
  • TheCurlyOneTheCurlyOne Posts: 52Registered Users
    You should try sheaaloe and then seal with unpetroluem....PROMISE your hair wont be frizzy and you will have a defined twist out. If you are looking for something less emollient though....a lot of people use ecostyler gel with a cream up under with good results. If you do try miss jessies.....go on their site and order the free samples

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