Giovanni 2chic Conditioner

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Because I am an incurable product junkie, I bought something new. Giovanni 2chic Brazilian Keratin & Argan Oil Ultra-Sleek Conditioner. It claims it will "smooth every strand, seduce with shine, banish frizz, and achieve enviable manageability" while being safe for color-treated hair. On the back it says it's a deep conditioner.

I'll just say from the beginning: I love this conditioner. It's CG friendly and has the same quality of ingredients as other Giovanni ones.

You should tryy this product if you have trouble detangling your hair. My curls make very 'o-shaped' spirals, with a few sections of 's'. The result is that the curls wrap around each other very easily. This conditioner was an instant success. I could seriously feel my strands become slick as soon as it touched them. After not detangling for a while I usually have to cut out a few knots that are too small and tight for me to work loose. With the 2chic I conditioner I was able to work most of these knots out with just my fingers. I admit my hair didn't 'seduce with shine' when it was dry, but my hair wasn't even shiny when it was relaxed. What it did was make detangling a breeze, allowing me to lose very little hair in the shower; make my hair well moisturized (I wouldn't call it a deep conditioner like AOHSR though); and leave me with very 'springy' curls that bounced.

It smells a lot like Suave Tropical Coconut, but it's much thicker, creamier, and less runny.

You can get it at Wal-mart and Target. If you try it, let me know how it works for you. I wanna know if this works wonders for you guys the way it did for me!

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