Growing out the Inbetween stage

cassaboxcassabox Posts: 8Registered Users
Hey Curlies,

I'm currently in the inbetween stage after about being 1.5 years natural after doing the big chop. My hair measures out to 5 to 6 inches around my hair. I like to do wash and gos. I was wondering if anyone knew what time period or hair length when during their wash and gos, your hair begins to hang?

My hair would hang a bit in the back when its soaking wet out of the shower but as soon as I put product: conditioner/gel, it shrinks up.

Im just wondering how long left i have in this stage..

Thanks in advance for any feedback


  • RadNaturalRadNatural Posts: 31Registered Users
    Yeah, when I wash and go, I have hang. I have 3c/4a hair and it's 6.5 inches. I've been natural for 7 months, post relaxer for 11 months.
    Current length: 7"
    Type: 4a/4b


  • bleuyteuybleuyteuy Posts: 273Registered Users
    I suppose it depends on the tightness of your curl and how much hang you're looking for.

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