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Does porosity tend to correspond with hair thickness?

Well I'm new to this and I've just started learning about porosity and density and everything and I'm a bit confused. I was just wondering do porosity and thickness tend to relate to one another? For instance, if you have thick coarse hair, what would you typically have for porosity? and vice versa. And alternatively could it also correspond with curliness? Ie...the curlier the hair, the ___ the porosity? I've been reading articles but I"m not sure if there's a relationship between hair type and porosity so if anyone has any idea feel free to let me know:toothy4:


  • Corrina777Corrina777 Posts: 3,193Registered Users
    Nope. Porosity is often dependent of the level of damage to your hair. For example, people who lighten and/or straighten frequently would tend to have higher porosity hair. Remember that there is also a difference between texture (fine, coarse) and density (thick, thin). For example, I have a ton of hair (thick density), but the individual strands tend to be fine (texture). Texture and porosity are the two properties that make the biggest difference in picking the right products.

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  • ladybug8412ladybug8412 Posts: 40Registered Users
    They don't relate at all. I have medium density fine hair that's high porosity from years of straightening and blow drying.
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