Breastfeeding momma's who've weaned...

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Remind me how long it takes your body stop slow down the milk production? I have cut back one feeding and I am feeling "full." I don't want to pump or anything, but I am curious how long it will take to signal my body to slow down the production.



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    By the time I weaned, I really wasn't feeling full at all (he was nursing only a tiny bit, 2-3 times a day). They say to drop a feeding once every 3 to 7 days to give your body time to adjust, I believe. When I stopped pumping, I dropped 1 session every week and felt fine. The full feeling when I dropped them lasted about 2-3 days each time.
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    I haven't weened completely yet, but I have cut down from 7 to 4 pumps a day over the last few months.

    Whenever I would drop a pump, it really only took a few days for my body to adjust. It took a few weeks for my supply to really drop, but I only felt full for a two or three days.
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    I just fed her, and I am guessing that I wasn't as full as I thought I was. I have only been doing two feedings a day (no pumping anymore). I don't think it's as bad as I thought it was earlier.

    Thanks for the replies!!!
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    to spinoff this question...
    how did you guys transition them onto milk?
    i guess i don't want to introduce milk in a i've been having his daycare lady give him some of my ebm in his straw sippy cup once a day. that way, he'd associate that with something he knows. then i was planning on having him drink some milk from there. then i'd phase out bottles/pumping sessions and go to milk.
    is it that simple? im down to 2 pumpings a day lately. just been too busy because i've been trying to work out lately...
    any advice will be appreciated! :D
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