clairol loving care - does it really cover grey?

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i'm trying to grow out my color, but would love to cover my greys for special occasions once in a while. if loving care does what it claims to, it'd cover my greys for a week or so and then wash out, and i wouldn't have any roots. has anyone used it for this? did it really cover the grey?
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    I never used it myself but know people who did and it works, except, as you say the drawback is that it washes away fairly soon.

    I believe Clairol is discontinuing the original LC. If you go to their website and click on Loving Care you get a suggestion to use "Natural Instincts" so although it can still be found in some stores (I've seen it disappear from a few...) I think they are aiming at totally doing away with it, at least here in the States, so enjoy it while you can.
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    MY MIL has used this and I have heard her complain it's almost a waste of time becuase of how easily it washes out.

    She is a short-haired straighty, though. So I don't suppose her hair would be as porous as a long-haired curly.
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