Help!!! What is the best Henna for me?

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  • tots5678tots5678 Posts: 472Registered Users
    Help please!!!

    I really want to try henna. I want it for the color & strengthening benefit. I am a true henna virgin.

    Is it best to order online or are the one in the Indian grocery store ok?

    I don't have any gray and my hair is dark brown.

    Your suggestions are welcomed. What has worked best for you? Where did you purchase? What's the brand name & type?

    Thanks in advance!

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    SusieSuze wrote: »

    Thank you so much!!! :happy3:
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    Tots, in addition to hennaforhair, check out Simple, to-the-point info. There Is q&a, a blog and lots if info. I buy organic Rajasthani Henna from her, Khadija since Dec, 2010. Great quality and excellent customer service.

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