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hello, I'm a thirteen year old girl. I love my curls, but they're very very uncontrollable and frizzy. I'm 3b..I think! and my dream hair is to have my hair longer like proper long hair, and to have it thinned so it's just nice and controllable but very nice.. em I need some help please, I don't know what to buy what to do or anything about the no shampoo or anything!! If you help me thankyou! <3


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    First you can check out the Live Curly Live Free site, there is a section all about the CG method. You need to do a final sulfate wash, but make sure your shampoo has no silicones. Then you start cowashing. You will want a silicone free conditioner for that, and another cone free moisturizing conditioner or moisturizing. Some people(like me) do a low poo sometimes, which is just shampoo without sulfates. Oh and remember nothing can have cones in it if you're cowashing because they aren't water soluble, and wont come out of your hair.
    hope this helped some!! The site explains it much better:)
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    Welcome! You'll find lots of information about the no-shampoo method here, too!

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    You are beautiful!