Looking For Komaza Califia Style Pudding, Jojoba Hemp, & Scalp Conditioner

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Does anyone have these products at all!?

I can swap or buy. Here's what I have:

2. Hydroquench Systems Coconut Oil Lime Cleansing Conditioner- 8 oz (unused) - $5
***This product is comparable to WEN. It is from a natural hair shop on Etsy. There is nothing wrong with it, except I like my stuff to be sweetly scented (like cake), and this has a very light, citrus smell. The sample she included with the product worked very well. You can use it as a cleansing conditioner, as well as deep conditioner.

3. Hydroquench Systems Go Deep- 16 oz (97% left) - $8
*** Very nice deep conditioner, and has great slip. Once again, I like things that are scented sweeter.

4. Hydroquench Greaseless Moisture- 8 oz (99% left) - $6
***OMG, now this smells really nice, w/o being overpowering. This can be used as a sealent AND moisturizer. My twist out was soft, fluffy, shiny, but also had great hold, and stayed moisturized for almost a week. I can't use it, b/c I have kinky twist in, and will be keeping them in for a few months.

5. Hydroquench Moisture Rich Shampoo- 4 oz (98% left) - $3
*** This worked very well, and my hair felt soft, clean, and not stripped. I just have too many other shampoos that I am trying to finish up.

6. Tanza Botanicals Hair Loss Formula for Men and Women- 2 oz (98% left)- $2
*** Smells really good, and has all natural ingredients. This is from an Etsy shop as well. Even if you are not suffering from hair loss, you can use this to grease your scalp with, and not clog up your pores.

7. Mixed Silk Gentle Cleansing Shampoo- 17.25 oz (97% left) - $2
*** Very gentle and doesn't leave me feeling stripped, or my hair tangled. I just have too many shampoos.

8. Beautiful Textures Curl Control Defining Pudding- 15 oz (96% left) - $3
*** I liked this alot, but I have other products that I need to finish first. I have used it on braid outs, twist outs, clumping my curls, wash n go, etc. It leaves my hair soft and shiny.