Knotted Dreadish Shower Hair

tericksonterickson Posts: 2Registered Users
I'm new to this forum and I really need help wih my 2a. I understand the dont blow dry and don't poo.....Here is my problem. Whenever I get my hair wet is gets almost drealocks. Usually I comb it outwhen Iget out of the shower which is hard to do.... Tell me what to do. Only shamboo once a week and the other days do a condision rinse. is that right??? Will the Dreads go away? HELP!!! :?


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    It will depend on your hair. I can't co wash. I have to low-poo (something organic) and use a light conditioner, but I am a 2C. I'm not sure I understand about the dreadlock effect. My hair has always clumped while wet. If you think it's getting weighed down by the conditioner you might try a lighter one.

    Have you tried a diffuser yet? I got mine for $20 and it is SOOO much curlier when I dry like that! Good luck!
  • tericksonterickson Posts: 2Registered Users
    Now why can't you co-wash??? Is co-wash just washing with conditioner?? When my hair gets wet it gets tangled together like crazy. What I've read on this site leads me to believe that you shouldn't really comb it out...just finger come after conditioner. I'm thinking that if I did that, I'd end up with a mop of tangles on my head.

    Now what diffuser did you get. I saw a sock difuser on the Jessicurls site.
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    ok I am not quite sure I understand, the situation, first what products are you using? gel, conditioner, etc? If you go to the very top of the Forums page there is a Board called Newbies Welcome, then go to "all about the no-poo (cg) method, it details how to wash and rinse your hair, The CG book is a great resource also, it is a great base to get started.
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    Try using a wide-tooth comb in the shower while your conditioner is still on your hair. That should help distribute it better. Then when you rinse, you might want to put just a little of it back in, use a leave-in or just don't rinse all of the conditioner out the first time (basically you just leave a bit of it in in place of a leave-in). Gosh, I hope that made sense :lol: .
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    I tried conditioner washing for a while, but I ended up stringy with build up. My hair just didn't adjust at all. I like a local place's stuff (the beehive bathhouse), but I have used JASON organics in the past too. I have to do like Lavenderculrs and "brush" in the shower when I condition. Be sure you aren't piling your hair up to wash it - that will cause tangles gallore every time!

    I have a Revlon "finger" diffuser. It is awsome, but I haven't ever had another one so I might not know - LOL!
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    When I wet my hair it gets sort of ropey and tangly until I work conditioner in. That's from the gel I assume. No poo gets rid of that feeling the best but Suave Aloe is good too and V05 passion fruit.
    If I"m not co washing that day I wet my hair and work the water in and then apply conditioner all over the top and underneath of my hair and squish it in then let it set while I shower and then work it more and comb with a wide tooth. By then it's soft and slippery.

    Low poo or a sulfate free poo or gentle sulfate poo works just fine too. I dont' comb out my hair until I put my conditioner on still though.
    Low porosity, medium texture.

    If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!

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