Yes,another thread about sun and chlorine

Alright, Im sorry to make another thread about sun and chlorine. I think I have a good understanding but I just want to make sure.... Going to the beach in 2 weeks. (yay)

I understand that before swimming and ocean you should wet your hair completely and add a conditioner. Then when you get out of the water completely wet your hair again. I also recall that I need a conditioner with EDTA to remove the chlorine.

Should the EDTA be used when showering after the day or can you also use it as your leave in before you swim? Can someone suggest a good vo5 or sauve naturals for this?

Also, does it matter how you apply the conditioner before swimming and what not? Just smother it in or use a spray bottle of water and conditioner mix?

Im planning on having a spray bottle of water and conditioner and a spray bottle of water,gel,and conditioner to tame. Is there a certain ration for either of these? Equal parts?
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