Yes To Tomatoes Volumizing Shampoo

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Earlier this year during a sale at Walgreens, I bought a large bottle of Yes To Tomatoes Volumzing Shampoo & Conditioner (which is apart of Yes To Carrots/Cucumber) The Shampoo has been working really well!!!:laughing6: My hair feels more voluminous and always gives a non-stripping clean. Right now I rotate between this shampoo and my clarifying African Black Soap Shampoo. Together, my hair has been balanced and my scalp is feeling good:laughing6:!

The conditioner wasn't really impressive:( at first so I gave it a Castor Oil boost. It got a little better, but I still wasn't feeling it. I ended up giving it to a friend and so far she hasn't expressed any dissatisfaction.

Anybody else loving this collection:thumbright:?


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    I use the carrots and cucumber conditioners. Love them. Was thinking about picking up tomatoes next.

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    I haven't seen YTT on the ground anywhere. But when I saw it on their website, I've been wanting to try it.
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    I have the YYT conditioner and I like it pretty well, I alternate it with Cure Care. I got the YYT shampoo for my husband, who has fine hair; maybe I will try it.
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    Yeah, I haven't been impressed with Yes to Carrots condish either. I bought it on sale at Ulta after xmas (and just now finished the bottle) because they were out of the Cucumber. That was my 2nd time using the carrots and I thought I'd like it better, but I just didn't. I like the Cucs alot though.
    I haven't seen the Tomatoes on the ground at all and I'd really like to try this. Mryna, have you tried it to compare to the Cucumber? I don't want to order it and then not like it :(
    Since I finally used up all the Carrots, I'm finally able to buy another bottle, so it'll either be Cucumbers or Tomatoes. I have fine thick hair, so if Tomatoes is for fine hair, I'm ok with that. If its for fine, thin hair, not so much.
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