Hair grows out damaged and "wiry" - need serious help

Hello. I'm new here at curl talk. I was hoping to get some advice on how to make my curls grow out more healthy.

I live a relatively healthy lifestyle. I drink a lot of water and eat lots of good foods like fruit and vegetables, exercise regularly and get a good night's sleep every night. So I don't know what the problem is!!!

My hair grows out damaged and weak. Although it's very dark and pretty thick it's not easy to see, but when I shower, my hair pulls out easily and gets tangled. It's frizzy too, unless I put frizz control cream in it, which only lasts about a day because I when I go to bed I wake up in the morning with a nest head. My hair breaks easily. When I look at my hair strands individually they do not curl "smoothly" but are very "wrinkled" and wiry.

I use Aussie moistening shampoo and conditioner, Aussie anti-frizz cream, sometimes Garnier Fructis leave in hair conditioner and/or curl sculpting serum. I'm apprehensive about changing shampoo products because I find that when I switch, the transition makes my hair fall out for a while before my hair gets used to the new shampoo.

I use a pretty good comb to brush out my hair. It's not a really "wide" wide tooth comb but it does the job. I'm thinking I may have to buy a bigger one though.

I wash my hair every day. I know a lot of people have said this is bad but I find that if I go a day without washing my hair it looks frizzy and feels awful. Like I said, I wake up with "nest" hair and I'd prefer it if no one else saw it. I'd really appreciate some general advice on how to not get nest hair when I sleep and keep it looking good all day long so I won't necessarily have to wash it every day.

Tomorrow I'm going to get a hair cut. I'm going to get bangs and lots of layers, hoping that this will help to keep it from tangling so much and that it will actually create a nice shape around my face.

At this moment my hair is just one big, frizzy, frustrating mess. I can't go a day without having to do something to it. I wish I could just wake up and have perfect, smooth, glossy curls. Unfortunately this is not the way life works.

Please help. All advice would be greatly appreciated.