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So of course im a newbie. Ive been doing so much research about natural hair and all this information is so helpful but sometimes over whelming as well.

I wanted to start this post with a few of my personal questions.
I love being natural so far but I just want to make sure that I am taking care of my hair the right way.

Some History About My Hair
Ive been wearing relaxers for as long as I can remember, Ive never even knew what my natural hair looked like till about a month ago. At the age of 18 ive moved out of my parents house. Ive never applyed a relaxer myself so i just tried to keep up with my hair the "best I could" by flat ironing it WAY more then I should. I had what i believe was my last relaxer right before my 19th birthday in august. And continued to try to "take care of it" I would swich from flat irons to hot combs constantly. Any new growth I had coming in I just looked at it as a big matted nappy mess. When I wasnt burning my hair off with so much heat (with out any form of protecting it btw) I was just wearing my hair back in a ponytail. While doing some brief research about "how to take care of black hair" Ive heard the word natural but never really looked into it. Untill ive found this web site. And oh my gosh did my heart drop. Everything I was doing was wrong and damaging im suprised I wasnt completlly balled by now. So in may 10, 2012 I decided i needed to cut my hair. Although I was completely nervous about the BC because I was so use to my many years the same (just brushing shoulder length) hair I went to a natural stylist I found and did it anyways. Boy dose my hair feel so much better. But ive been so horrible to my hair in the past years i want to make sure that I REALLY take care of it and give it the love it needs.

What im currently doing for my hair
I absolutely want to go CG, I know it best to go CG after reading the book (witch im planning or getting) I felt like my hair just couldnt wait. Ive cut out all products with cones and sulfactes so far.
Ive been co-washing my hair every morning since may 23 2012 After co-washing ill apply my leave in conditioner and then I follow by spraying my water and shea oil mixture to my hair to help prevent split ends witch i had a big problem with before going natural.
I currently use Sauve Naturals Conditioner as my co-wash
and use Shea Moistures Restorative Conditioner as my leave in. Ive been doing mostly wash and gos for my TWA. And Sometimes ill use my Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel to style.

I really want to deep condition my hair but not sure if I should use with I have or make my own. What sure I buy for a DT or with recipes should I use?

How do I know if I need a protein tretment or not and what should I do for that?

What other products should I be using?

Im so sorry that this is so long and maybe im just a little to honest about my hair history but taking care of my hair (the right way) is my number one prioity right now. I just want my hair to healthly and happy and hopefuly one day I can get my hair to my goal BSL. Please help my hair really needs it. And id love to share my journey with you all. -KayTay<3

Last relaxer; Around August 2010
BC; May 10, 2012
CG (kinda)?; May 23, 2012


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    So many of us mistreat our hair out of simple ignorance. My mother had no idea that 100 brushstrokes a day was actually detrimental to my hair. She could spend several hours taming my hair into ringlets, or she could let me wear a huge frizzball on my head. So, I spent most of the first 12 years of my life hating my hair, til I got it all cut off and wore it short for most of the rest of my life. She never knew and was unable to teach me how to allow my curls to "just be". Now, we have so much more information, and a lot of it is here. There are recipes for PTs and DTs that you will see in the recipes section, and you will hear a lot about fsg (flax seed gel) and okra gel you might want to try.

    A good first step is to find your hair properties. That will guide you toward the best ingredients for your hair type. Here:

    Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics

    is a place that can help you figure that out, or you can send hair in to them for a hair analysis, and let them figure it out for you.

    Once you know your hair type and the ingredients best for you, you can check out people's signatures for their hair type and find what others with hair like yours are using and liking.
    Be Happy!


    Experimenting with too many products to name here. All this great info keeps my head spinning. :happy6:
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    Hi KayTay

    Im new to this website too, although I have been researching our natural hair and products I can use since deciding to go natural (2 months since last relaxer)
    The main issue seems to be a lack of lasting Moisture!
    Hair looks great when its still damp, sprays in it etc but as soon as it dries, it goes dull and crispy dry.

    The latest products ive found are Taliah Waajid Curly Cream and the Protective mist bodifier, which are supposed to be good, the cream is quite thick but that may be a really good thing. Im going to give them a try anyway so I'll let you know the results.

    Also Bear Fruit Hair Desert Moisturising Leave in Conditioner seems really nice, lots of great reviews on you tube etc Im in the UK and havent found it here yet but id love to try it.
    Hope this is useful to you and others.

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    Hi KayTay! Welcome!

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!