People telling me what to do with my hair?!

curls4achangecurls4achange Posts: 6Registered Users
Poeple who don't even have a beauticians liscence or do hair are trying to tell me what to do with my hair. My mom who doesnt even have the same hair texture (hers is wavy) is trying to tell me what to do. What do i do? †


  • proudcurlygirlyproudcurlygirly Posts: 478Registered Users
    :smile:Do what makes you happy. Politely point out to these people that although they mean well, it's your hair to do as you please with and how would they feel if you tried to boss them about into changing the way they look? Hopefully that might do the trick, but if they persist, carry on regardless and eventually they'll give up. Actions speak louder than words!:thumright:
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    Lol, yeah my mom has a totally different texture and length than I and tells me what is best for my hair. Mousse, and blue magic works for her but hardly ever looks good on me so it's really annoying. The post above has the right tips, just do what's best for you. :wink:
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    Agree! Do what YOU want. Its your hair not theirs!
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