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Embarrassing Moments

HappiHappi Posts: 14Registered Users
I hope there isn't a thread like this already, but I was wondering if anyone wanted to share there most embarrassing moments (: I'll start...

During my Sophmore year in high school everyone had to take a "team building" class during P.E. We would play games to help us 'trust' our classmates. So, one day we did the trust fall. But, this trust fall was on some Gymnastics blocks, so it was like 6 ft. high. We had to stand on the block while two people held our ankles and fall into the arms of six other people. I was the first one to volunteer and when I did this I guess the two people holding my ankles were holding on too tight to my pants. Because, when I fell my pants AND underwear came off -___- and I fell straight to the ground (on a mat). I heard a few people laughing in my class too :P. Ughhh. Then my teacher made me do it again, because they didn't catch me, but they caught him (a 250 lb guy). So, the girl holding me said, "Keep your pants on." (WTH?! She's the one who helped pull them off :thumbdown:.) And they caught me, but when they let me go it was head first :angry7:.

And, I have a lot more haha. Anyone else want to share?


  • medussamedussa Posts: 12,993Registered Users
    Trying to carry four 2 liter bottles of Coke and having one bottle fall out of my hands. The bottle hit the ground, exploded, resulting in coke all over the bottom of my jeans as well as fabric ballet flats, and a spray of soda that stretched about 6 feet down the main aisle. Everyone saw it, as I tried to slink away. Clean up in main aisle!
  • midgimidgi Posts: 2,409Registered Users
    My most embarrassing moment of all time is the day I decided to try out my new bike when I was in college. It was the first time I rode a bike since I was 12 or 13 years old and I was so nervous, but everyone kept reassuring me that no one ever forgets how to ride a bike.

    So anyway, I was following my roommate on her bike, and she had been riding back and forth to campus all year so she was speeding along ahead of me, while I proceeded with caution.

    For whatever reason, she decided to ride through the commons which was the busiest and most populated section of campus, so we had cross the street and ride through a huge crowd. She zipped through with no problem, but when it was my turn, this stupid girl was walking straight towards me and she wasn't moving out of the way. Then at the last second instead of just moving to the side, she started shifting back and forth on both of her legs like she was uncertain of which way to go.

    In my panic, I forgot that I had to back pedal to stop, so I took my feet off the pedals and wrecked into the bushes.

    My foot got wedged between the pedals and a huge branch so I couldn't free myself. I looked up and my roommate was standing about 300 feet from me, just watching. She didn't even try to help. EVERYONE saw and in my embarrassment I busted out laughing as I struggled to get free.

    Finally, this really nice guy asked if I needed help, and lifted the bike off my leg. He even pulled my bike out of the bushes for me, but I was still in shock so all I said was thank you and rode away.
    I just want to do what I want to do when I want to do it.

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