TIGI foxy curls review

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first let me say this is my first time using a full line of cosmetics designed for curly hair. i have 3c/4a hair. I've been natural for a year and im now growing out a lot of heat damage.

Styleshots hi-def curls shampoo
i really liked this shampoo, it was necesarilly sulfate free because it did lather a bit but not much. i ususally only shampoo once eventhough i have an extremely oily scalp. i use it once a week it has a fruity flowery smell which i love.its not too strong wich its great i have a sensitive nose. and the smell does not linger

Styleshots hi-def curls conditioner
the conditioner was also great, smells great. great for detangling. however i didn't like that i felt that i kept needing more conditioner for my hair. which means i dont get a lot for my buck...mind you i dont have a lot of hair. i would put this in at the beginning of my shower and let the steam from the shower work its magic detangle and not wash it out completely.

Foxy Curls contour cream
i wasnt impresed it was light weight which i liked but surprisingly enough it left that producty feel in my hair i was actually kind of scared that it would leave a film in my hair...if you use to much it will flake ew

Foxy Curls extreme curl mousse
yes it defines curls to no end, but watch out for the crunch at the end and for the love of all thats holy DO NOT try to scrunch away the crunchy feel or your gonna look like a hair and shoulders comercial. it doesnt matter how i use this mousse or the quantity i use it flakes horribly. idk if my hair and mousse just don't mix but negative will never use again.

all in all i like the cleansing part of this system not the styling part..definitely not for beginners (yours truly) and i will not be using this product again. thank you over and out


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    I wish I'd seen this before I bought the mousse a while back. It's certainly crunchy, and as I wrote in another thread, extremely flammable with *propane* in the ingredients.
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    Alot of the TIGI product stylers flake.
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    My hair LOVES the high def curl spray - there is something in it that is just magic for my curls. They perk up, get volume, it's amazing. I do find it drying so I have to make sure I use it at the right time in the process (I've found applying a light coat to wet hair is good and also at the 80% dry mark where I stop diffusing, add some pomade and let it air dry. When I SOTC with more pomade when dry, I'm left with lots of spring in my curls and little dryness).
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