Back to Nature

Hello. I have been having my hair highlighted with hi-lift color for many years and am considering returning to my natural shade. My hair looks more like all-over color instead of highlights and I always have dark roots even right after a service. I don't want to use bleach on my hair so I always end up with a blonde that I'm not really happy with. I'm growing my hair out and I'm thinking that it may be better for my hair to just go back natural and leave the peroxide and ammonia alone. My main objective is to have healthy hair. I really want to try the Robert Craig line, but am wondering if it is really as gentle and conditioning as I've heard? I'd appreciate any opinions on his color. Thanks! Also, my natural color is between a dark blonde/light brown and I look best in cool tones. Does anyone using the RC line have any shade advice?
Hair type is 3a. The best DT I have ever used is the Joico K-Pak Intense Hydrator!
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