Anyone familiar with Spruzzi?

paulabeepaulabee Posts: 2Registered Users
I am probably a 3a/b with fine, thick, curly hair (weird, I know--the individual hairs are fine, but I have a lot of them!). I tried the Brazilian Blowout a couple of years ago and didn't like it. It made my hair very smooth and shiny, but perfectly flat and straight, which was not what I had in mind and not a good look with fine hair. I felt bald with long hair. I asked at my salon if there was something milder, to get rid of the frizz (a challenge in humid DC) but keep the volume, body, and curl. They recommended Spruzzi, which is a product from Brasiliana. She said they don't use a flat iron, they style your hair with a brush, and you can't wash it for 1 day after, but it has formaldehyde. Has anyone tried it? I'm afraid of ending up with flat hair again but I'm tempted by a frizz-free summer...

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