Do I apply protein to wet or dry hair?

I have a question about protein treatments - I am looking at LAgirl's protein recipe and would like to try it, but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to put it on wet hair or dry hair. Can somebody give me some tips? A very step-by-step instruction list might help haha.
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    I believe you wash your hair, then put the gelatin on right after. Once you have it on, blow your hair dry carefully- it's very prone to breakage at this point.
    After it's dry, rinse it out
    Optional: do a DT right after
    Otherwise, finish with your usual RO & LI
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    I'd skip the gelatin thing altogether.

    Why can't you just use a good conditioner with protein in it..sit under a hooded dryer and rinse ? For that matter you could beat 2 or 3 eggs depending on how long your hair is..and mix them into a silicone free moisturizing conditioner, sit under the dry, rinse..and then condition the hair with another moisturizing conditioner or that same one..without the eggs.

    Whatever protein treatment you do..make sure you balance the hair out with a moisturizing conditioner after...otherwise you are asking for breakage trouble down the road. Plus you have listed that you have dry hair.. seems you need more moisture than protein.. so it might be best to start out with less protein. Gelatin..depending on the kind you use can pack one heck of a protein punch. I'd be careful with that...
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    The best thing about IAGirl's Pt is that there are lots of ways to customize it. For example, I use Pedaheh's moisturizing variation. Apply to wet hair after washing. Put your hair under a plastic cap and let it sit, with or without heat, for whatever length of time works for you (5-60 min). Blowdrying is not necessary unless you need a serious hit of protein. If you do a plastic cap with a towel over it your body heat alone is sufficient. Follow with conditioner. Some people will do a full DT, others do well with just a rich RO.

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