Does Low-Poo remove Dimethicone?

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When I got to work tonight, I realized the underneath of my hair was all matted (probably from the headband & loose pony tail combination). The only thing I had that could put a little moisture into my icky hair included dimethicone. I only put it on the ends, and I figured I could low-poo in the morning if I needed to get it out.

Then I read the article, What's the Scoop on Silicones, and I'm not all up on my chemicals. Now I'm paranoid... will my Nature's Gate Tea Tree shampoo not remove dimethicone? Are any of these ingredients like the "cocomidopropyl betaine," or "cocobetaine" mentioned in the article? Would that be the Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine? Why must they make it so difficult? ;-)

Like I said, I only put a little on, but I'd hate for it to just sit on my hair when I think I'm removing it...

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