Best Hair Gel Ever?

Hey ladies, I'm a newbie with shoulder-length (unstretched) 4a/b, fine, dense, low porosity, low elasticity hair. I've been following the CG method for a while and I love it but I had been looking for a gel to replace my beloved Eco Styler Olive Oil gel because of the protein content (my hair can only take protein in moderation and I use it ever co-wash day) and the glycerine(it's almost always humid in Florida, but just in case, since I also use World of Curls curl activator gel, anyway.

so anyway, at Wal-mart, I found "Super Wet Hair Styling Gel", which comes in maximum hold in blue and white colors. This gel is alcohol-free, CG friendly, and is free of silicones, protein AND glycerine! I promptly tried it and it had the hold of Eco with the softness of Wetline Xtreme stlying gel. Best part: It only costs $1.97 for 2.21 oz.! I am in love! Has anyone else tried this?


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    I also have been looking for a glycerine free gel. I will have to look for and try this one. I notice the name Super Wet....does it give your hair that "wet look" when it has dried?

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    At this point I'm basically desperate for a CG, protein and glycerin free CHEAP gel. Is this available anywhere besides Walmart? There's no Walmart near me but basically everything else, KMart, Target, Sally's, all the pharmacies. But I'd prefer not to blindly wander around the city looking for it!

    Is the name of the brand "Super Wet", or is that just a description (I see alot of gels with "super wet" styles)?

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    Sally Beauty Supply Salon Care Firm Hold Gel with Aloe is only 3.99 for 32oz. It's great for when I want glycerin and protein free, strong but not super crunchy hold.
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    I'm a big fan of homemade FSG. It's cheap, easy (takes me about 15 minutes from start to clean up) and can be adapted to your needs. You can add or omit anything. I love protein and glycerin so I add both. I add a little honey or olive oil in the cold winter when the dews are low. I add a little epsom salt when I want some curl enhancer. There are several recipes and adaptations on these boards.
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