Ways to make my hair a little less curly?

HaleyTheTurtleHaleyTheTurtle Registered Users Posts: 2
I love my hair I just wish I could make it a little less curly than it is. My hair is 3c almost 4 and I can never do ANYTHING with it! The only thing I can do is either put it up in a bun or ponytail (neither look good on me) or put A LOT of gel in it to keep it down, which just makes the curls crunchy and look stiff. I've tried some of the products on here that the articles recommended but none of them did anything. I'm using Suave Naturals conditioner, which is the only thing I've found that doesn't suck the life out of my hair, and La Bella Lots Of Curls gel which is almost the only thing that will keep it down. Is there anyway I could get my curls down to a 3a or 3b without having to pay a crap load on products or perms?


  • NickelNickel Registered Users Posts: 10
    Have you tried sleeping with braids? What about rollers?

    I have type 3b hair, and when I was younger, my mom used to roll my hair in socks (same concept as rollers), which definitely changes the shape of your curls. Results will obviously be different for everyone, but you should try it! Just be super careful about which direction you're rolling them, and make sure that each section lays flat within it to avoid frizz and clumps.

    Also, keep in mind that once you take them out, you'll have to run your fingers through them to break up the pieces, and possibly use a product to style them to your liking.

  • SquigglesSquiggles Registered Users Posts: 21
    i either: wet my hair slightly and put it into 2 braids before i go to bed and i have a kinky sort of thing but i sometimes lose my root volume doing this OR i do this--> Bohemian Twist - Quick Easy Updo Hairstyle - YouTube
    (i cant explain in text or it wont quite make sense) but i wet my hair slightly and do that twisty thing curl by curl until i end up with 2 twists and then i sleep on it(i dont pin it up like she does but that would make a cute updo :colors: ) when i undo it in the morning its a slightly looser curl pattern for me and i put a bit of product in and im generally good to go. at first its a little confusing but its fairly simple :fish: i hope i helped somewhat :afro:

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