Titanic Rose color

thatgirlnamedrothatgirlnamedro Posts: 9Registered Users
Hi everyone, I just colored my hair with henna hut jet black henna/indigo. I love the dark color, but now I'm really wanting the color of roses hair from titanic. My real natural color is blonde. I really want it to look like this:

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Is their a way I can get my hair that color with just henna? I really don't want to you chemical dyes! Also, are their any natural treatments/recipes besides henna that will make my hair her color?



  • faithsstufffaithsstuff Posts: 2Registered Users
    Hey there! Let me start by saying that my hair is light/med brown so I'm starting from a differant point. I've also never used any indigo with the henna. What I do know is that the more often I henna my hair (esp using add ins) the more red it becomes. You can do a search for henna recipes to find some add ins that other folks have used. I would love a pic!