I think I am a 2c?

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Hi I am new here! I think I am a 2c as my hair is tightly curled underneath but only wavy on top. It is just a big ball of frizz at the moment though! I can't do anything to style it apart from straighten it but I want to wear it curly. Does anyone have any advice on where to start? I currently use ordinary shampoo/conditioner and no other products. Help!


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    It sounds like a 2c, but remember that your hair properties (density, porosity, texture, etc.) are much more important than hair type when choosing a product.
    I had mostly wavy 2c hair, and now that I'm on the curly girl method(no silicones or sulfates in your products) my hair is almost completely a 3a. You should definitely go curly girl! (:
    Haircuts are very important when it comes to people with curly hair. It could be your hair cut that's causing some of your trouble, so make sure to see a hair dresser that specializes in curly hair.
    AND STOP USING HEAT ON YOUR HAIR. Your hair being damaged is probably what is making it frizzy. The healthier your hair, the better it will look.
    Hope I helped, just do some simple research and trial and error to find what works for you (:

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