Pool day.

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Today I'm going to the pool, I am a 2B, and my hair always acts weird when it touches the chlorine. I try putting it up, but I am 13, and my brothers always end up splashing water on me and my hair. What do I do? I have a memorial day party to go to after, and have no idea wht to do. And yes I have thought about an updo, but my hair tends to frizz after drying when I go to the pool. Please I need suggestions! Before this turns out bad!

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    You could try putting conditioner on your hair and braiding it.
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    lol! I have this problem too!! Chlorine ruins my hair!! You could try putting it in braids or a wrap-around-the head braid or something cute like that. Also if they have showers at the pool, you could rinse out your hair before you leave and bring mousse along with you
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    Wet before, bun during, and rince after, that's what my daughter and I do. It really does seem to help. Just don't let it dry before you rince it out.

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