New Drying Method

hollagurl111hollagurl111 Posts: 27Registered Users
Today I found out an ah - mazing drying method! Its easy, and less frizz! First, you wrap ur hair in an old cotton t-shirt. Or a thin blanket. Then you blow dry over it. Because ur hair never comes in contact with the dryer, their r less frizzies.

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  • MichellescurlsMichellescurls Posts: 81Registered Users
    I bet this method would work while in a plop! I'll have to try it. My drying time is always sooo long, but I love how much curlier my hair is after plopping.
  • hollagurl111hollagurl111 Posts: 27Registered Users
    It does work great in a plop! It does take a while. But it is better than blow drying. And also speeds up the process of air drying. And it never causes frizz. At least for me. I know from experience, because my little sister is a 3B. Tht if u put a t-shirt on her head, it rubs against her hair and makes it frizzy. But this is not the case for me. I suggest trying this on a weekend when u have no where to go, just in case it doesn't work out for u.

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  • MichellescurlsMichellescurls Posts: 81Registered Users
    I did this today! I had my hair in a plop for like, 2+ hrs and it was still really wet. It took a while for me to feel like my hair was getting dryer from this, so I took it down to diffuse pixie method. It was pretty much frizz free when I took it down! :) after diffusing the other way it got more frizzy, but I wonder how it would have looked if I just let it air dry... Anyway great method! I love it!
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    that sounds awesome, will definetly be trying it, next shower :)
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