I don't know what to do with my hair

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I recently took out my kinky twists and I know it's not good to get my hair braided back to back, but right now I am at a lost. I will be honest, a little laziness has set in which is part of my issue. Six months ago I started a new job that allows me to work from home full time, so honestly, the only time I leave the house is to go the gym and the grocery store. I go out with friends from time to time, I cowash, slap some Shea Moisture Curly Pudding in, use my oil mix, through some ecostyler in it, afro puff and roll.

Before I learned to take care of my hair I kept it braided for two years and then I moved to a new city. I like being natural, but honestly because I don't have to "do" my hair daily, not sure what to do. Any suggestions? Should I keep braiding it, take it down, condition it really well and just braid it back up?


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    Do you braid your hair yourself or do you pay to get it done? The reason I ask is because I'd be less inclined to encourage you to keep it braided until you figure out what you want to do with your hair if you were paying to have it done. Also, are you still pursuing length? If so I think keeping it protected in extensions or wigs can help you achieve your goals without damaging your own hair. If I were in a style rut like you (well, I am in a style rut..lol), I think manipulating it as little as possible is a good idea. I kind of wish i did that during the winter (and recently.) because my hair took a beating because of it. In the mean time you can look for style inspiration from blogs, tumblr or YouTube.

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    I paid someone to braid it. That was the first time in almost four years I had it braided. If I knew how to do my own cornrows I would do that and keep it moving. I used wigs a lot in my journey.

    I guess I need to figure out the best way to keep my hair during the week. I use to do my own twists with my hair prior to braiding. They weren't great, but I didn't really care. I am about to do my henna treatment tonight trying to figure out what to do with tomorrow night before I have to work on Tuesday.

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