Totally lost when it comes to transitioning! and need some advice please?

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Hi, my name is ewe!, im kinda new to this :)

So, my mom has relaxed my hair for as long as i can remember! my whole family is mixed, and Since i was little i thought that was the only way to manage my notted hair was relaxing it! And i'm just now realizing how curly my hair has the potential to be!

The last perm/relaxer i got was about 5 months ago, and unlike my mom who has beatiful long 3B type hair, and my half sister who has 3A curly smooth hair, I happen to have a mix between 3c and 4a kinky curly hair type, and im totally, utterally lost! i have no idea what to use for my hair type, i've just been washing it and putting in biolage leave in conditonar and putting it in a bun every day!, but now i want somthing diffrent, i want to be able to wear my hair out, with twist outs an stuff! And i would greatly aprriciate it if you gave me some advice on how/and in what order i should put product in my hair, plus some of the best products to use so my hair stays nice and not extremly nappy around the edges! Thank you :D

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