Hair thinning

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I've had a lot of hair loss/thinning due to medical conditions/meds. I have been using Nioxin for the last couple years, but it hasn't made much of a difference. Are there any natural versions of Nioxin/Rogaine?

By the way, I'm 23--so I'd really like to stop this!


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    Try incorporating the use of essentials oils such as rosemary and lavender oil into your regimen. Also, consider taking hair supplements, such as biotin and MSM.
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    I found Nioxin to be a waste of money. Did nothing for me.

    Hair loss can be caused by so many things.. even when you have known medical issues. Meds, disease, stress, vitamin deficiency, hormones, etc all contribute.

    Rogaine is what I recommend. If you have medical issues, your hormones can be affected so have your testosterone levels checked.
    I use the men's 5% once a day and it's been crazy efffective. My hair stylist who was anti-Rogaine now recommends it to her clients.

    Natural Treatments for Hair Loss

    Essential Oils For Hair Loss | LIVESTRONG.COM
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    Hi Shinylocks,
    To cure hair thinning, manage stress with regular workouts and massage your scalp regularly in order to oxygenate the collagen located around the hair follicles. Take adequate amount of essential vitamins to cure hair thinning and avoid sprays, gels or harsh chemicals.

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