I want my 3C hair back!

lareina.tinalareina.tina Registered Users Posts: 3
I kept my hair natural for a year and then caved in and bought a relaxer. I feel like that was the dumbest decision I've ever made. So now my hair is relaxed and I miss my curls. My hair type is normally a 3C. I am not putting in another relaxer in my hair ever again!!! I'm so serious. Last time I just did the BC but I didn't feel like myself without any hair...so I'm going to do the transitioning thing. I was thinking about doing weaves until my hair grows out enough for me to cut off the relaxed hair. Any suggestions on hair products, protective styles, etc??


  • SuheyCitaSuheyCita Registered Users Posts: 39
    Use wigs! Stay away from weaving anything on to your hair that can cause any breakage or fall out because then that will only set you back if you're trying to grow your hair out of the relaxer. Try braids, twists, and Bantu knots that mimic curls but arent your actual curls for the meanwhile & baby your hair as much as possible so the new growth comes in gorgeous!
  • CoCoCattivaCoCoCattiva Registered Users Posts: 1
    I did kinky twist for awhile and that helped me big time transitioning back to my natural curly 3c from a relaxer. 47bf38de-7406-f720.jpg
    Good Luck to you on transitioning back.
  • AmathiasAmathias Registered Users Posts: 28
    I had weaves for the majority of the 2 years I transitioned and my hair was fine. BUT it is up to your hair, just cause mine was ok doesn't mean everyone else's will be. I recently had a wig and had it in for only 2 weeks. I hated it, only because it was straight (stupid of me I know) when your natural hair grows out you want to get a curly wig! But I did learn about using nets because it's better for your hair so I won't be getting anymore weaves, even though my hair was fine I get scared of any damage to my hair. So try some wigs out with and get a net, I simply got my hair raided, the net sewed to the perimeter of my hair then the hair sewed to the net.

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