Trying to figure out my hair type !

xaviarxaviar Registered Users Posts: 5
Im mixed with Black , White , Native American , and Dominican . I have an array of different textures on my head , and I don't know what to call my hair ! Here is some images of my hair ...


And these are random strands of hair that I pulled out of my head (OUCH!)

If I have more than one texture please state which ones . :mrgreen:


  • vballgirl94vballgirl94 Registered Users Posts: 6
    Ok, so I'm definitely not an expert on different types of curls, but based on the pics under the section "Hair Types" I would guess your hair is maybe 4A? Don't quote me on that though ;)
  • Mwah LynxMwah Lynx Registered Users Posts: 61
    Yeah, I'd go with 4A. I'm not saavy on the differences between 4A and 4B.. If there's a real one -_- So whatever, let's stay simple and go with 4A(: Hope this helps!
    Lovely hair btw :D

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