What is your curly hair routine/regimen?

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I was just curious. Here's mine:
Shampoo (sulfate free)/Condition with Organix Moroccan argon Oil shampoo/conditioner
Comb out conditioner and rinse with cool water
Finger comb in Redken anti-snap leave in conditioner
Smooth in SheaMoisture Curl Defining Smoothie
Spray in Chi keratin spray strengthening treatment
Let air dry And put up in scrunchie when dried for the night. I sleep on a satin pillow case

In the morning my hair is pretty soft and defined so I:
Spray with water
Apply SheaMoisture Curl Defining Smoothie
I'm just curious! Also please tell me any products that you recommend! Thanks!


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    I cowash with herbal essences totally twisted conditioner for curls and waves or with Loreal evercreme cleansing conditioner. (I like Loreal better)
    Then I use either the totally twisted or garnier fructis fortifying color shield conditioner as a leave in (the garnier fructis is much more moisturizing so I use it more often)
    Then I scrunch totally twisted gel into my hair, scrunch with a cotton t shirt to get the extra water out, plop for 10 mins, then either diffuse or air dry.
    Whew. That sounds like a lot but it really doesn't take too long. And my hair has been kind of blah lately so I'll probably switch it up. I'm not a huge fan of the totally twisted conditioner, and I want to try mousse(any suggestions?) but I'm on a limited budget.

    I have BSL 3a/2c hair with thick density, normal/high porosity, and low elasticity. and I think Botticelli curls (:

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    Let me say first that I feel very low maitenance lol

    With my hair I've learned that 'less is more' (mind you this is after 24 years of trying various products, hairstyles etc.).

    My routine is: I shampoo and condition once a week with True U sulfate free Shampoo and Tresemme Naturals silicone free conditioner (I wash my scalp with the shampoo not my gets clean enough as the shampoo rinses off). Now, I don't think sulfates or silicones are evil but sulfates irritate my scalp so I don't use them. Once out of the shower I pat until damp with a regular towel, comb my hair with a wide tooth comb, and put in a generous amount of L'Oreal EverSleek conditioner (starting 2 inches from the top of my head so my hair isn't plastered to my head), than finger comb till my hair divides into ringlets, and let it dry naturally. That's it! On a regular non washing day I do the same using a spray bottle to make my hair damp.

    I've tried Leave in Conditioners and have never had a problem with them...except that they come in small bottles. Also, once I went sulfate free I wanted something that was also silicone free too. EverSleek has been amazing!
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    Before i wash i scalp massage my hair with olive oil then
    I wash my hair with cantu shea butter shampoo or garnier dry damaged shampoo
    I rinse with a cheap conditioner like suave (i go by smell) or V05 (again by smell)
    Then as a leave in i use aussie moist or garnier gor dry damaged hair
    I wash my hair every 3-4 days or once a week
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    I use the cherry blossom conditioner to wash.
    I use my tangle teaser and comb it then wash out the conditioner. Sometimes I use my denman as I rinse out to help get out any loose hair that my tangle teaser didn't get.
    I then add just enough of the same conditioner so my hair is slick. I add my gel by finger combing with my hair upside down. I then use my tangle teaser again because it helps my hair to clump as well as make sure I distribute the gel evenly.
    I then plop my hair for a while then let it air dry. I have a blow dryer with a diffuser that I use in the winter or if I am going out and don't want to do so with wet hair (like in the evening).

    I also used to use garnier fructis but they changed their ingredients so it has cones in it. The one for dry/damaged hair.
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    Co-wash Suave Naturals Wild Cherry Blossom
    Leave-in Suave Naturals Wild Cherry Blossom (Just a little before adding La Bella Max Hold Plus Volume Styling Gel.)
    Just bought Olive Miracle Leave-in Conditioner to try. I used it to scrunch out the crunch and it smells wonderful. (05Jun2012)
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    Shampoo: KC Come Clean
    Detangle and condition with Aussie Moist
    Apply KC KT to wet hair in about six sections, comb through with a wide tooth comb
    I wait about 6-8 minutes then I apply KCCC in about six sections
    Final step is plopping overnight
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    Type: 3b
    Porous, normal elasticity, and coarse texture

    Cowash: CJ Daily Fix
    Styling: CJ, jojoba oil, KCCC
    DT: CJ Curl Rehab, CR Algae Deep conditioner
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    Shampoo/acv: Once a week with Giovanni TTT and ACV
    Cowash/detangle: Aussie Moist, V05 Passion Fruit, or Suave Coconut
    Leave in: Aussie Moist or Elucence

    I detangle my hair in the shower, rinse with coolwater, and then reapply conditioner if I'm going to use a leave in that day. I then apply my styler of choice in several sections and scrunch.

    Let air dry, diffuse, or sit under hooded dryer if time permits.
    3B Mod CG
    Medium texture/ Normal to low porosity / High density

    Current Routine:

    Shampoo- GTTT, GVP Paul Mitchell Tea tree Shampoo or ACV/ Baking soda (once a week)
    Co wash- Trader Joes Nourish Spa
    Leave in- Shea Moisture Shea Butter leave- in, Elucence
    Gel- BRHG

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    Every morning before washing I brush it out with Aveda Paddle Brush,

    Then wash with Suave Clarifying Shampoo (yes, every day lol),

    Then finger comb whichever conditioner I'm using that day through, and after that comb with a medium tooth comb (used to use wide tooth but found out medium is much better for me, so either Mason Pearson C2 or Hercules Sagemann 591)

    Sqeeze out excess water and condish, put hair up, put on a plastic cap, and go about washing and scrubbing my body.

    Then rinse off, take off the cap and rinse off the conditioner, first with warm water, then cold.

    Sqeeze out water, then apply leave in, comb it thru, also with medium tooth comb. Then apply whatever I'm using as a styler (I only use my fingers with stylers, comb is just for conditioner and leave in), first a little bit while upright, then a little bit upside down, mostly to the bottom half of hair. Then once upright again I finger comb a bit, twirl some parts, and then I'm done.

    Air dries while I'm going about the rest of the morning routine. While it's still wet I do yoga, so end up in positions with hair hanging down (and moving around a lot in general), thus it dries with more volume than it would otherwise and with much needed lift at the roots. I used to twist the front at the roots too and hold it with a clip while it dried, and it worked well, but got lazy.

    After it's totally dry I sometimes use a pomade, either to add more shine, smoothness and definition.
    3b/fine/thick/normal porosity/bsl
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    Shampoo (yes. Normal, big bad sulfate poo. *shrugs*)
    Condish, currently with Aussie Moist, comb through
    Smooth gel (Aussie right now)
    Scrunch in mousse
    Flip over, put satin sleep cap on, sleep, remove cap, scruch more mousse, done. :)
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    1. CO wash,
    2. Mineral Oil
    3. Plop
    4. Root Clip
    5. ....and go!
    6. easy:cheers:peasy.

    Every other day or every third day, I CO wash with V05 conditioner (Shea Cashemere, Vanilla Mint Tea, or Kiwi Lime Squeeze) or Suave Coconut, or Everlasting Sunshine. I choose according to which one I want to smell. I untangle in the shower while my hair is slathered with condish. Get out of shower

    I towel off the dripping water with a T-shirt. I section my hair in two parts on either side of my head, and apply 4 or 5 drops of mineral oil to my palms and run down the length of each side from ears down. After oil is distributed well, I rub whatever is left onto the crown.

    I flip upside down, apply a few more drops of MO to the underside of my hair and plop for 20 minutes (or so). Then I clip up the roots for as long as possible or until mostly dry. Then I take out my clips and go.
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    I use suave naturals coconut shampoo about once a week.
    After that is thoroughly rinsed with cold water, I detangle and leave in TRESemme Naturals volumizing conditioner. I use LA Looks avocado gel(they don't make it anymore) just to coat the outer curls.

    I really want to try mineral oil to see if it will work for me.. :) We'll see! My husband always rolls my eyes when I buy something new for my hair- I have a product graveyard.
    3a/b fine, high porosity, medium density. Mod- CG

    Sulfate-free Shampoo: SheaMoisture Curl and Shine shampoo with Epsom salts.
    Co-wash: TRESemme Naturals,
    Leave in: TN Radiant volume, KCKT, YTC pampering conditioner
    Summer styler: LA Looks Spiked Gel(summer only)
    Seal: Argan Oil/Macademia Oil
    Winter styler: KCCC, AIF, Beyond the Zone Noodlehead curling creme(not CG)
    DT: GVPCB, coconut oil
    PT: GVP Hair Reconstructor
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    1. Wash hair every 3 days with a shampoo bar (or low poo if I've used a cone leave in to straighten my hair). I mostly concentrate on the roots and just work the shampoo down to the ends.
    2. Rinse out and use a generous amount of Yes to Cucumbers conditioner. Finger comb. Put on plastic shower cap. Go about the rest of my showering.
    3. Rinse out half of the conditioner.
    4. Use an old t-shirt to make a loose turban.
    5. Use a dollop of HETT gel and comb through.
    6. Make a part, then flip my head over and shake my hair with my fingers.
    7. Flip head up, finger style, and finish with HEMSU hairspray.
    8. Go!
    3b ringlets. fine texture. normal everything.

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    Low poo: Tresemme Naturals
    Condish: YTC, Tresemme Naturals, L'Oreal Eversleek Reparitive, Down Under Naturals Hypo-Allergenic, Suave Coconut
    Styling products: HEMSU gel, Tresemme Bouncing Curls gel